The Spring Walks of 2013 are over, but, the 4th Day goes on, like the old Sonny and Cher song: And the Beat Goes On. Only for us it’s the heartbeat of Jesus which was very evident during the last two weekends. The Glory of God was shining brightly and as a result, lives were changed, lives were saturated with love.

So many servants. So much willingness to give of time and self to serve. What great teamwork! And as Pastor Matt stated at closing, 40 minutes to do a 4 hour job. Servants came to the call of God. May God Bless all who served in any capacity, no matter how much one did or how long one stayed to serve. The blessing is the same upon those who work for 30 minutes as for those who worked 40 hours in three days time.

Glory be to God!

Steve Borger