Use the forms below to sign up as a Walk Volunteer. When condsidering a way to volunteer view all the jobs, time slots, and the number of volunteers needed for each.

To volunteer, fill out the required information (First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Phone) and answer the simple arithmetic question (to make sure you are not a spam generator). Then hit the “Sign Me Up” button for that time slot. Repeat the process to sign-up for additional time slots.

Within minutes you should receive a confirmation e-mail message for each time slot you have volunteered for. Please keep all confirmation messages in case you need to change your volunteer times. If you need to cancel or change your volunteer times, click on the link at the bottom of the confirmation e-mail to cancel your volunteer time. Then, sign up for a new time slot.

You will also receive a reminder e-mail message two days in advance of each time you signed up for.

If you are having difficulty following these directions please go to the contact page and send a message to the Webservant explaining how you need assistance.