We are a far flung community with a lot happening. People move, get married, go home to Jesus, have babies, send kids off to college, get new jobs, have family reunions; there are all sorts of announcements about what might be happening in our personal lives that we, as a community, wish to share. So saying, we are putting in a section in the newsletter and on the website for you to share this type of personal information. If your information is of a more immediate nature, like the recent announcement for Fay Baker’s memorial service, we will try to send out an email blast to the community for you.

There are some guidelines to follow. We are only able to print information that you share about yourself personally. For example; you’re the new father or mother, you’re the one going on the mission trip, you’re the one changing jobs, you’re the grandparent whose grandchild just won the spelling bee, you’re the mother of the bride, you’re the one singing in the choir for the Christmas cantata. In other words, it’s all about you. Not your friend. Or your pastor. Or your neighbor. Or your coworker. Or your brother-in-law.

This is not meant to serve as a church bulletin board. It’ not about what’s happening at your church apart from you but about what’s happening at your church involving you. If you’re working on the launch of a new child’s tutoring program, share it. If it’s something your church is doing that you have no part of, it’s an announcement for your church bulletin. Remember on your walk when you were asked in the talk on Discipleship if you were a follower of Jesus or just one of the crowd? This is a place for you to share your acts of discipleship.

This is also not meant to be a forum for prayer requests unless the request involves you personally. For example, you’re looking for a new home and want to be open to where God wants to lead you in your quest. That is not the same as your friend who is looking for a new home. It’s not that we don’t care about what’s happening at your church or in the lives of people you know.

It’s that there’s only so much space in the newsletter as we still print several copies to mail to people. In fact, if you want to receive a hard copy of the newsletter rather than read it online at the FSE website each month, please contact Steve Borger. We will be glad to accommodate you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

PS: All information that you wish to post on the website or the newsletter is to be sent to Steve Borger, at which time they will be reviewed or forwarded for accuracy and authorization to publish.

De Colores,

The Florida Sonrise Emmaus Board