Building and Maintaining an Emmaus Community in Your Area

The Walk to Emmaus is a powerful spiritual retreat that has the potential to change the lives of participants and transform local church communities. One of the key elements of the Emmaus experience is the sense of community that is built over the course of the weekend. However, in order for that sense of community to continue to grow and be sustained, it’s essential for participants to take an active role in building and maintaining an Emmaus community in their area.

One of the most important ways to build an Emmaus community is through regular gatherings. These can take the form of “Fourth Day” meetings, where participants come together to share their experiences and continue to build relationships. It is also helpful to schedule regular social events such as potlucks, picnics, or other fun activities to help build the sense of community.

Another important aspect of building an Emmaus community is through service and outreach. Encouraging participants to get involved in local service projects and mission trips is a great way to build relationships, put faith into action and make a positive impact on your community.

In order for an Emmaus community to be sustained, it is also important for participants to take on leadership roles within the community. This could include serving as a sponsor for future retreats, leading or participating in the planning of events, or serving on the local Emmaus board.

It is also important for an Emmaus community to stay connected with the wider Emmaus movement. This can be done through attending regional and national gatherings, and participating in online groups or forums.

Overall, building and maintaining an Emmaus community takes time, effort, and commitment from all its members. But by working together, and staying connected to the wider Emmaus community, it is possible to create a supportive, faith-filled environment where individuals can continue to grow and be encouraged in their walk with Christ.

In a nutshell, Building and maintaining an Emmaus community requires consistency and continuity of the members, it requires gathering regularly to discuss and reflect on their experiences and involvement in service and outreach projects as well as assigning leaders and connecting with the wider Emmaus community.